The Secret to Great Commercial Real Estate Signs

Commercial Real Estate Leasing Sign

The Secret to Great Commercial Real Estate Signs

Commercial Leasing Signs

Commercial Real Estate Leasing SignIf you are in the Commercial Real Estate business you know that the more exposure you can get for your company the better. Take advantage of the 2-5 seconds people have to read your sign. With just the right colors, the right fonts, and just the right layout to grab your customer’s attention and inform.

Choose a clean, un-cluttered sign layout, remember to include your brand emblem. And color matters – First, make sure your sign maker uses your brand colors, and always choose strong color contrasts.

Second, specify UV protected inks and laminate. You don’t want your sign to look old and outdated while it’s trying to work for you.

Include your contact information. Check sign codes in the municipality for allowable sizes, quantities, and location regulations.

Consider colorful flags to draw attention to new residential properties. You can choose plain colorful wind flags, or custom printed with your brand emblem.

Let St Louis SignWorks make the most we believe that classy, professional and eye catching signs are the best way to get that exposure. 314-485-8000

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