Using Holiday Signage and Merchandising to Generate Extra Retail Sales

Using Holiday Signage and Merchandising to Generate Extra Retail Sales

Holiday signageAny successful retail business will confirm that store presentation and organization is integral to financial success. The quality merchandise in your store should be displayed and promoted in impactful ways that engage your customers.

Signs are effective in keeping your merchandise organized. They direct customers to different categories of merchandise and help them understand and select their purchases.

Seasonal retail signs tell customers that you have new and exciting merchandise. They remind your customers to look for something special for their family and friends. Window displays and artistic indoor displays will generate buzz and create conversation with clients.

Display is important: not only does a well-organized display keep your store consistent, but it generates customer interest, even if they came to “just look around”. Professional and attractive displays can aid in converting sales and encourage people to buy products they may not have initially considered.

When putting together a seasonal display, move your stagnant merchandise to a bin and demand attention with bold signs. Sales encourage buyers, and your signs will help keep you from losing profit on unsold merchandise. Frugal shoppers often come into stores looking for last season’s quality items on sale. Get creative!

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